Be Cool! Tips On How To Behave With A BackStage Pass!


One of the coolest stuff in the whole universe, is being able to go backstage, while at a concert! Imagine, getting a chance to meet personalities only seen on the cover of a music CD, or on the TV!
Hailed as a privilege accorded to only a very few, this is will perhaps be the most memorable event in a music lover’s life. These wonderful opportunities can be found at sites like According to, several people tense up unnecessarily while waiting for their chance to meet and greet some of the hottest performers in the music industry, while a few even go a step further by chickening out at the last moment. Why? Lack of confidence is deemed to be a major cause, along with a prevailing sense of nervousness. After all, these performers are world-renowned rockstars- How on Earth can one greet them without completely buckling up at the knees?

At this point, it must be mentioned that getting VIP tickets, or the coveted backstage passes, is by no means an easy matter. Often these passes are gained by waiting for hours in a long queue, or by listening to the local radio stations who offer these passes as special prizes, and rarely, by paying a hefty sum of money. Either way, it will be a total loss if you, and perhaps your friends, come away from the concert without using them.

So, those of you who now have backstage passes in their hands, will need to sit back and relax! Given below are a few tips that will transform you, from shy to sly, from fool to cool!

1: Play Smart, Look Cool And Feel Confident
People respect those who exude style and confidence. So, behave naturally, as if you have always been part of the music scene.

2: Don’t Be Over Smart
There is a thin line between being smart and being over smart. Opt for the former, because the backstage team will have no patience for a person who is intent on acting cocky.

3: Etiquette Matters
It may not look like it, but the performers and the crew do have a sense of propriety, and they always strive to behave professionally. Be as polite as possible, but without becoming subservient. Often, the rude and the cocky will get themselves kicked out from the venue.

4: Let’s Party-But Wisely!
There is bound to be a party atmosphere at the venue of the concert. However, the party is going to get a lot wilder as the day progresses. Do not let your guard down. Take nothing, not a drink nor a bite, without being offered it first. Many a times, people get the misinformation that VIP passes entails the right to do whatever one may please backstage. Sadly, this is not true. Alcohol will probably flow like a river backstage, but remember to drink wisely.

Pay heed to the above-given ideas, imbibe them, and then wait for the day of the concert, for it won’t be just the stars who rock!

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